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We all want our team, our club or our company to be successful. The topics of project management, sustainability and energy are becoming increasingly important. The path to greater success is not always clear or feasible with the resources available. Sometimes the demands placed on the individual are very extensive and have an overwhelming effect on the individual. This is where we can help with our international network of experts


With our network of experts in the energy industry and sustainability, we want to support sports teams, clubs and event organisers, sports venues and the downstream industry on their way to increasing sustainability. Our offering ranges from low-threshold services such as keynote speeches and workshops to the introduction of complex management systems. We can flexibly adapt our services to your needs and expand them as required during the process. 

Project management in sport

Success is based on good management and extensive preparation and planning. This is especially true in offshore sailing, where you have to compete far from any help from land. Our team has many years of experience in competitive sport and therefore knows exactly what is important and which adjustments can be made. We would be happy to use this knowledge for your project. The focus is on achieving your sporting goals. We enable you to concentrate fully on the sporting factor while we take over parts or all of the management around it.

Let’s talk about your needs together and we’ll put together a suitable package for you. Especially in the area of ​​sailing, we can make interesting offers through a good team of experts across the industry and Europe, ranging from pure onshore support during your offshore regatta to a complete package.