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Racing with added value - #bethechange

Offshore racing as a showcase of what is possible. That is Andreas’ vision. Participation in the Vendée Globe 2028 as the toughest offshore regatta. Non-stop from Les Sables d’Olonne in 21,638 miles (40,075 kilometers) once non-stop around the globe, alone on a 60-foot racing yacht. Sustainability will play a central role in the campaign. This means that the yacht will travel completely without the use of fossil fuels. Powered only by the elements and muscle power. In addition, all areas of the project are checked to see whether the most sustainable option has been used and what more sustainable alternatives are available. We want to go the extra mile and inspire with our own sustainability management.

Together with partners and suppliers, we are working on further developing materials and technologies and significantly reducing our CO2e footprint in the process. By participating in the world’s toughest sailing regatta, we want to demonstrate that this is not at odds with competitiveness, but can even lead to higher performance. At the same time, we want to support science in collecting data on the state of the oceans, as we travel a lot with our boats and also venture into more remote areas such as the Southern Ocean, where there is significantly less shipping traffic than on the main trade routes and the data situation is therefore much weaker.