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The vision

Studying environmental and agricultural sciences gave me intensive insights into the cycles and relationships of nature. The detailed consideration makes it clear that the big picture consists of many small, fragile building blocks. Their interweaving provides the structure. Even a missing element quickly leads to an imbalance. The consideration of the natural balance shows that there is no waste in nature. Everything is broken down into its individual building blocks and reused in a different form. Nature has developed a highly efficient circulatory system. Humans have so far been less efficient and are thus changing the ecosystem and natural cycles.

In many areas, science takes a look at nature to find out how intelligent solutions can be developed for the most complicated problems. Man has created problems with his behavior. Nature and especially our seas suffer from human waste, from the flood of plastic. And the balance of nature has also been thrown out of balance in other areas as a result of human emissions. The constant increase in temperature in the atmosphere is already presenting today’s generation with the task of having to increasingly cope with natural disasters and extreme weather. It is time to embrace change, to stop disturbing the balance of the earth.

The Andreas Baden Racing Project wants to create awareness and initiate change. We want to set a positive example and strengthen sustainable action. Prohibitions and regulations will not change people’s behavior. Creating intelligent solutions and delivering approaches that restore natural cycles and enable sustainable consumption are the paths that must be consciously taken.

We want to rethink processes and develop new products. Away from a throw-away mentality towards circular thinking – that brings added value for everyone.

The time to act is here. This project wants to help make dreams come true. We are working intensively on minimizing our ecological footprint and working as CO2-neutral as possible.