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Class40 – Facts:

  • Length: 40 feet/ 12.19 meters
  • width: max. 4.5 meters
  • draft: max. 3 meter
  • Mast height: max. 19 meters
  • weight: min. 4,580kg
  • Upwind sail area: 115 m²
  • Maximum number of sails: 8
  • water ballast: max. 1,500 liters
  • Length bowsprit: max. 2 metres

The Class40 is the perfect base for this project. As a box-rule class, the class rules provide a framework in which designers
can realize their ideas and developments. This results in opportunities to constantly develop the boats and introduce new approaches. Nevertheless, the limits of the class rules keep effort and costs within limits.

My approach is to build a Class40 yacht in which all the materials used are questioned in terms of their recyclability. The development of an active product lifecycle management is that
Game. According to the cradle-to-cradle principle, the recyclability of the materials should be checked and strategies developed before construction begins.

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The team

The vision of bringing more sustainability into the sport begins with setting up and structuring the project team, includes boat building and sail development and takes other sustainability goals into account. This includes promoting young people and women in sailing.

During my voluntary work on the board of the Schleswig-Holstein Sailing Association, I was given the opportunity to actively promote young people. Giving interested young people the chance to experience the diversity, power and freedom of nature is invigorating and motivating for both sides. Therefore, the project should be used specifically to promote women and young people, both in the sailing and in the shore team.